Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Painting Mood

I've really been in a "yeah, I love Halloween" mood this year. Not sure why, but I updated my Facebook page with a photo of two carved pumpkins that I've had since 2010. Next,  changed my profile photo to an old black and white of Vincent Price with a bat shape behind him.
My Halloween spirit continued this morning when I went into Kroger to pick some stuff for a simple still life for my beginning oil painting students. I wanted to get a cupcake two weeks ago, you know, just to have some fun. But, I figured they'd learn more from two pears.

Today, however, I found a carrot cake cupcake, and I wanted to contrast it with multiples of something smaller in size. My mind was racing. I didn't have a lot of time. I walked in the direction of the registers and BAM! YES! Candy corn display. Great little shapes. Everything would be on a rather simple value of a black cloth. I loved the repetition of the cake and icing layers that was restated in the color bands on the candy corn. Magic! Who in their right mind would paint tomatoes after this? Well, all of us right? But on this day, there was no contest. I was excited to demo the four panel value to color exercise, and it's good to be excited by what you are about to paint.

The students only completed the top left square. I always think they will be faster, but I'm sure their minds are racing inside their brains, after all, they are learning a new language.
I painted the two black and white panels in class, and just completed the transitions into color here in my kitchen. (Sorry for the glare on the panel.)

Now, I'm tired, but I'm not gonna waste this cupcake. I'M GONNA PAINT IT ONE MORE TIME AS 'MY' PAINTING! Better put on Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor for extra inspiration. Click on that link and suffer through the commercial in the beginning and then enjoy! Maybe paint some candy corn yourself!

Monday, October 14, 2013

STRATFORD: alley of fame

The Italian B&B owners mentioned this alley, a history of music in Stratford. I just wanted to see Loreena.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Canada: Stratford, B&B Breakfast and Balzac's

Thursday, October 10:
After a wonderful night's sleep in our comfortable bed, we dressed and walked out into the chilly morning air in search of Martin's Holy Grail, the daily paper, with the coveted Holy Grail cryptic crossword tucked away safely inside.

We had a delicious 3-course breakfast, intelligent and fun conversations with our hosts and the other couple at the table, tucked away our things in the car and drove the few minutes to the free all day parking lot at the Tom Patterson Theatre.

Then, of course, Balzac's Coffee.

Oh, Canada, we're back!

Saturday, October 12.
We're back in Stratford, Ontario. You guessed it, more plays at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. This time we see, "Mary Stuart", "Othello", and "The Merchant of Venice".

We drove here on Wednesday, the 9th. This was a day earlier than planned, so on the drive searched Trip Advisor for a B&B for just one night. I decided to read some reviews for the #1 B&B. A room was available, we called, and 'eh, voila!',  we were booked into it. (Be damned, oh extra expense - just this once.)

We stayed in The Sandringham Room of the Birmingham Manor. All British sounding, isn't it, which is kind of amusing since the proprietors are Italian.

To make a long story short, we arrived just as owners and guests were going out yo the theatre. No matter, we settled into our spacious room, had a shower, and went out for dinner at the Raja Indian Restaurant.