Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Randy Higbee, King of Frames!

Here they are, four big boxes of frames for my June exhibition, fresh from The King himself (no, Elvis left the building some time ago - or did he?)

FedX Ground delivered them just when Randy said they would! Whew!

I haven't had time yet today to get into these boxes. But I am SO longing to see. And a hugest thank you of all time to The King of Frame and his staff!

Check it out: http:/www.kingofframe.com

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Debra Joyce Dawson Exhibition Opening June 1st

You're invited!

'painting the looser side of realism'

'Beyond Repair', 10" x 7-1/4" Oil
 Artist's Reception: Friday, June 1, 6 - 9 pm
Gallery Hop: Saturday, June 2, 7-10 PM

Dawson's 6th Solo Exhibition, featuring recent plein air and studio
works from Ohio, the Adirondacks and Cuba,
with a selection of works
from her new "27 Dresses" series.

"Blue Crinoline", 10" x 8", Oil
This year, Debra was commissioned by the Ohio Arts Council to create the artworks for the 2012 Governor's Awards for the Arts; won a place in the August 'Art in the Open Plein Air Competition' in Wexford, Ireland; and was juried into the '2012 Plein Air Rockies'. Debra is teaching color and plein air workshops around the USA.

20 E. Lincoln Street, Columbus, OH 43215 614-291-5683
Hours: Thurs., Noon - 4:00 PM; Fri. & Sat., Noon - 5:00 PM Sun., 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Plein Air Convention: Part 9 - B. Eric Rhoads, Marketing Genius!

B. Eric Rhodes standing on stage at the opening of each morning.
As Olive Oil would say, "What a man, what a man!"

Yes, Eric is quite a guy! I've certainly never met anyone like him before. Entrepreneur, Radio Man, Magazine Guru, Marketing Genius and Mastermind of the Publisher's Invitational 'Paint the Adirondacks, and then, the 1st Annual Plein Air Convention. Just a few things in his long resume that prove he really is a marketing genius.

He has ideas, and 'people' that make his ideas come to fruition. Not a bad place to be.

And I have to say, that even while the Convention was going on, he was still adding things to the program. For instance, he flew in a woman from England to translate for the 'Russian Master' - before and while he was painting.

And one of the things he added along the way of planning a phenomenal Convention was his 'Early Bird Marketing Boot Camp'. This took place each morning starting at 6:30 AM. Need I say the house was packed? Coffee was served along with breakfast!

Here's what he started with: Get more galleries, change your thinking patterns, and you must work harder than you ever have in your life. Next, Eric went on to tell the story of how during the Great Depression of 1929, Post Cereal, the #1 Brand in their market, stopped advertising. Kellogg's was a small business at that time, but they started to advertise, and by 1933 Kellogg's became the #1 Brand in that market.

What did Eric do? In the midst of this recession that we have been having, he re-launched Plein Air Magazine!

What did he tell us to do?

Go see other artist's paint, those that are at he top of their game.
Learn about marketing.
Meet People - for camaraderie and marketing.
Paint - and learn something new to teach.

Artist case in point: Henry Darger

The above link is to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle from 2008. It talks about Henry's life as a menial hospital worker, and his reclusive life, and the amazing work that was discovered just before he died at the age of 81.

What's the point? no one knew Henry was creating scads of art! He never made a penny, but now his work is in museums and sells for at least $80,000 a piece!

Click here to see more images.

• There is no romance in being a starving artist, or in thinking that an artist is not a business person.
• There is nothing evil, wrong, or manipulative in marketing.
Now, here's where you start :

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Governor's Awards for the Arts

So, here I am for the big photo session!  What a buzz there is in the air.

In this photo is Ken Emmerick and Barbara S. Robinson from Cleveland. Ms. Robinson is receiving the Irma S. Lazarus Award.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Roller Coaster of Art

The painting below has nothing to do with this post.
I just figured I put in a piece of art since I was blogging.
"Fountain Study" 12" x 9" Oil on RayMar Panel
Debra Joyce Dawson copywrite 2012
At the Eisele Gallery in Cincinnati
Now for the real meat of the story.

The email subject line said, "Congratulations!"

I was accepted into the 2012 Plein Air Rockies Event, taking place in mid-August. I quickly wrote back thanking them. Then, I happily delivered the news to my husband, Martin, and my mind starting racing to the logistics of how, when, where, $$$$.

I looked up the dates, and to my horror, they conflict with my painting and vacation time in Ireland. DRATS! DRATS! DRATS!

I have just sent another email, this time confessing that I would not be available to attend, and begged them not to blacklist me!

I am very bummed indeed. Meeting the artists from around the country is part of what doing this is all about. I would have reconnected with Sterling Hoffman (I met him at the Door Co. Plein Air Festival), Thom Robinson - outstanding artists from Indiana, Oil Painters of America Master, Jeff Legg - and missing out on meeting all the other artists that I've never met. My consolation, of course, would be just knowing that I did get accepted! Maybe for tonight that is enough, especially since I thought I didn't get in at all. The notices were to arrive on April 30th, and when I didn't hear, I assumed I didn't get it.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Plein Air Convention: Part 8 - The Irish Connection

Which two look Irish?
Okay folks, back to the Plein Air Convention.

As you know, I won a competition to stay in a luxury resort hotel, plus my heafty entry fee paid, to go to Ireland and take part in the Art in the Open Competition, taking place later this summer in County Wexford.

Well, on my first day in Vegas, after seeing the Monet exhibition at the Bellagio, I headed for the Red Rock Resort and Casino to register for the convention. I navigated my way through a labyrinth of slots, restaurants and shops, and followed the signs to "convention center". Who was behind the check in desk, but my friend Cinnamon Rossman, the woman that started the Door County Plein Air Festival. She is now working for Plein Air Magazine.

We had a hug and a very short chat, and I checked in. I got the name tag, a raffle form, and a Plein Air Magazine bag filled with the program, marketing literature (which included a card for the September Ohio Plein Air Competition), and some free art goodies like acrylic, oil and water soluable oil paint, view finders, and linen painting panels from suppliers.

Steve Doherty opening the Plein Air Convention.
Then, I stood talking to early birds at the T-shirt/hat stall, and as I looked around, I spotted Steve Doherty, renowned editor, first of American Aritst, and now with Plein Air Magazine.
We spoke briefly, and then across the crowded room,
I spied two tee shirts sporting the
Art in the Open logo
I said to myself, "These women have been to this competition!" So, I headed straight for them, only to find that they were actually the gals that had started the plein air group in the Southeast of Ireland. And they started the competition, now in its 5th year, and drawing artists from the US and several European countries. I gathered a lot of info from Louise, including the fact that commeraderie and partying in Ireland was going to be just as important as painting!!!
Here he is the King of Frames, shaking hands with Michael Godfrey.
I spent the next 2-1/2 hours chatting and laughing with Jayne and Louise (who are flanking Becky Joy in the first photo), and meeting and greeting artist friends like Ulrich Gleiter, Shelby Keeff, Debra Grosser, Marc Hanson, and feeling the excitement as some of the big name presentors came in:  Clyde Aspevig, Ken Auster, Matt Smith.
Then' low and behold, I saw my friend and past student, Susie King, crossing the room. "I yelled out her name, and we had a unexpected but joyful reunion. Susie checked in and joined the party.
New friend, Peggy Turk from California, and of course, Scott Christensen.
I'd had a long day of travel the previous day, and not enough sleep, and well, after about 2-1/2 hours of talking and laughing, I was starting to fade. Susie, went to her room to freshen up, but we decided to meet for dinner. She called me, and I couldn't hear above the din, so I walked myself and my phone out into the landing area, as I was walking in one direction, Scott Christensen was coming in the other. With cell phone to my ear, I yelled out, "Scott Christensen!" as I reached out to shake his hand. He actually stopped in his tracks as I'm sure my tone of voice sounded like he was supposed to know me and that we hadn't seen each other in such a long time." Crazy, I shook his hand and kept on walking. Hey, I was talking to my people!