Monday, May 07, 2012

Roller Coaster of Art

The painting below has nothing to do with this post.
I just figured I put in a piece of art since I was blogging.
"Fountain Study" 12" x 9" Oil on RayMar Panel
Debra Joyce Dawson copywrite 2012
At the Eisele Gallery in Cincinnati
Now for the real meat of the story.

The email subject line said, "Congratulations!"

I was accepted into the 2012 Plein Air Rockies Event, taking place in mid-August. I quickly wrote back thanking them. Then, I happily delivered the news to my husband, Martin, and my mind starting racing to the logistics of how, when, where, $$$$.

I looked up the dates, and to my horror, they conflict with my painting and vacation time in Ireland. DRATS! DRATS! DRATS!

I have just sent another email, this time confessing that I would not be available to attend, and begged them not to blacklist me!

I am very bummed indeed. Meeting the artists from around the country is part of what doing this is all about. I would have reconnected with Sterling Hoffman (I met him at the Door Co. Plein Air Festival), Thom Robinson - outstanding artists from Indiana, Oil Painters of America Master, Jeff Legg - and missing out on meeting all the other artists that I've never met. My consolation, of course, would be just knowing that I did get accepted! Maybe for tonight that is enough, especially since I thought I didn't get in at all. The notices were to arrive on April 30th, and when I didn't hear, I assumed I didn't get it.

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Steven S. Walker said...

It's great that you were accepted but I can certainly understand not giving up on Ireland! Congrats!