Sunday, April 19, 2015

Booked my flight to France

2014 at the top of the falaises in Etretàt, France.
Carrying all my painting gear and wearing several layers of clothing, I made the climb to the top of this side of the cliffs to see the backside of l'Aiguille, the Needle. On this side, the chalk is really white; on the opposite side, it's rather dirty looking. What a luxury it would be to spend a month here painting. My friend, Susie, climbed up with me and took my photo. She went on down again, and I stayed and painted. A part of me would like to have just walked. Indeed with my backpack on, and on open terrain, I felt a bit like I was back on the Camino.
July 2013, Spain, somewhere along The Way.

So many paintings left undone here.

We drove to the top of this side of the falaises. It was a fantastic day, but windy.
Just had to do some clowning around here. I was so very happy to be here.
This year, I am going to Brittany. I've only been to that region for about 2 days, in St. Malo. I think I made five or six small paintings in that time, the first one from my bedroom window with a sea view. The others were all made as I walked around the sea wall the next day.

So now, it's back to Brittany I go, in July - all alone! Just me and my paint brush. Long story, but if things had played out differently, I would have gone in September. Still, I am thankful to everyone that made it possible, and to Martin, for helping me decide which photos of my work to send. This opportunity comes on the heals of another residency in Southern Ohio, at the Highlands Nature Preserve. I serve there for three weeks in June, and have only a day in between to unpack and repack for my flight to France on June 30. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Feeling a lack of focus over the last couple of weeks. This winter I did 2-1/2 months of concentrated work in the print studio at Denison University. Then an interactive exhibition; then spring break. The concentration level was broken.

We started back to school 2-3 weeks ago. But, I missed three classes because I took two painting workshops. And just this Wednesday evening, I started teaching again. Thursday evening, French class.

So, now I need to get into Camino mindset and find my way through some new prints.

I'm at Denison now, put out a bunch of things: specialty papers, prints, two plexiglass plates ready for monotypes.

A bit of placement planning, and adding an image ontop of a ghost image.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shevlino Workshop: last day:( . . . Ready for action

David did a demo yesterday. Will post that later. We had three hours to paint our own. Been so busy in and out of class!

Now, I'm back in the studio this morning, for our last workshop day.

My Easy plein air easel with an 18x14" toned panel, and a third set of colors, fine tuned for this Alla Prima workshop. The tuna can contains clean solvent and in the small cups, linseed oil. And my brush cleaner with solvent hanging on the easel. Brushes mostly 1" and 3/4".

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shevlino Workshop: Demo #1

David Shevlino at the start of his demo. Placement of the figure.
Drawing the shape of the torso.
The figure, plus start of the shadow indications.
The first flesh tones.
Beautiful alla prima painting with a big brush!
 A solid understanding of the classical tradition of drawing and painting plus years and years of practice allows David to make it look so easy.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Shevlino Workshop 3: my little desk

In France last September our room in Etretât had a wonderful desk! I love having a desk to sit and write or draw and paint at.

Here's my little desk in the Brother Angelo room. You can see today's painting on top, and a small one by Mr. Shevlino.

Tomorrow's another day!

Today was a wonderful day. After breakfast, there was David's painting amazing demo, lunch, and then we painted until 4pm. After a little down time, Edie and I spent the evening with Jill from Chicago, and our teacher, David Shevlino. The four of us are the only folks staying in the Franciscan Life Processing Center, and so we spent the evening talking about art and life, English TV shows, and more.

There were heavy bouts of rain this evening or else we'd have gone out for dinner. A pond developed in the lawn outside, and a fog settled in over the newly formed pond.

I had hoped to post a photo of my desk with today's painting, plus the small painting that I purchased from David's small stash, but the best laid plans of mice and men . . . I have three Gmail accounts. My Gmail is not on the same email as my blog, so to access the photos that I emailed to myself from my phone, well, I would have to sign out, download the photos, and then sign back in. It seems all to hard right now. But I wanted to touch base with you anyway. I'll be stronger in the AM with a good night's sleep.

David Shevlino Workshop 2: Big Brushes

David's supply list said to bring big brushes. I've got tons of flats and filberts with me, lots in the 3/4" - 1" size. I try to get my students to work with big brushes, and of course, that takes lots of paint, too, something many students are afraid to put out.
But, this morning, I am ready for action! Demo starts at 9 AM. I've been up since 6 AM.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

David Shevlino Workshop 1: 5-1/2 hours drive

Last week I took a 4-day plein air landscape workshop in Columbus, OH with Neil Riley. Neil was my teacher some 23 years ago when I was studying at CCAD. I have to say, the workshop was mind boggling for the breadth of knowledge that was passed on to the students, the quality of the material he shared through lecture, demos and projects he had us working on. I would say that anyone that decided not to take either of the workshops offered by Ohio Plein Air Society, in Columbus, has missed the boat on this one. A teacher with a superb eye and 30 years of teaching experience, and an insatiable desire to know about painting and help his students, makes this workshop a stand out. More on this workshop to come.
But tomorrow, I embark on a second 4-day workshop with David Shevlino. This one is a figure painting workshop, and I am really looking forward to seeing his demo in the morning before we start in on our own painting of the nude. I signed up for this workshop last year, and asked my friend Edie Dean if she'd be interested in taking it with me. So today, we drove to Lowell, Michigan.
To break the boredom of the drive, we decided to venture into
Lansing. I Googled "Antique stores near me"
and we were off on an adventure. We found these
monster brushes in a home interior store.
See my normal Size 8 watercolor brush for scale.
We are staying at the Franciscan Life Processing Center, just down the road from 14 Nuns who have their own accommodations. 250 acres of isolation and quiet here. We are each in a private room.
Me, I am Brother Angelo,
which just confirms my feeling that
at some point in time, I was a monk!
(Too many abbey ruins in my history.)
This is my key and my name is also above my door.
Edie is now Brother Leo. 

So, it's off to dream land for me now. My room is overly hot, but I am happy here with the Franciscans, my comfy bed, private bath, and little writing desk. Talk with you more tomorrow. Brother Angelo, over and out.