Sunday, April 19, 2015

Booked my flight to France

2014 at the top of the falaises in Etretàt, France.
Carrying all my painting gear and wearing several layers of clothing, I made the climb to the top of this side of the cliffs to see the backside of l'Aiguille, the Needle. On this side, the chalk is really white; on the opposite side, it's rather dirty looking. What a luxury it would be to spend a month here painting. My friend, Susie, climbed up with me and took my photo. She went on down again, and I stayed and painted. A part of me would like to have just walked. Indeed with my backpack on, and on open terrain, I felt a bit like I was back on the Camino.
July 2013, Spain, somewhere along The Way.

So many paintings left undone here.

We drove to the top of this side of the falaises. It was a fantastic day, but windy.
Just had to do some clowning around here. I was so very happy to be here.
This year, I am going to Brittany. I've only been to that region for about 2 days, in St. Malo. I think I made five or six small paintings in that time, the first one from my bedroom window with a sea view. The others were all made as I walked around the sea wall the next day.

So now, it's back to Brittany I go, in July - all alone! Just me and my paint brush. Long story, but if things had played out differently, I would have gone in September. Still, I am thankful to everyone that made it possible, and to Martin, for helping me decide which photos of my work to send. This opportunity comes on the heals of another residency in Southern Ohio, at the Highlands Nature Preserve. I serve there for three weeks in June, and have only a day in between to unpack and repack for my flight to France on June 30. I'm tired just thinking about it.

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