Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Checking the Chilly Factor

We arrived in Mumbai at 10:30PM. A car from the hotel was waiting. It took us an hour to reach our destination and another 15 - 20 minutes to check in. After stowing our luggage, we headed for our rooftop restaurant. Here is Ray after a grueling 15+ hours. He's holding up our first Kingfisher Beer. (Click that photo and it enlarges.)

Ray, put it down, you'll destroy the "chilly factor"!

Indians always let you feel the beer bottle to see how "very, very cold" it is. We have affectionately started to call that "checking the chilly factor". Beer is rather chilly in this hotel which caters to Westerners; but in general, we think that the beer you feel is just a decoy, and goes back into the fridge, while you drink one that has a chilly factor of 2 or 3. Although this was not a 10, it wasn't bad for India.

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