Sunday, October 05, 2008

Pot Luck, Pie and Paint

Day 3 of Ray Hassard's visit. We were invited by Sharon Weiss to attend an annual pot luck lunch on the farm of two artists, Paul and Nora. Many of the artists represented by Sharon Weiss Gallery came and invited even more painters and friends. I invited Edie Dean. And there were also patrons of the arts, and small children searching for the farm cats.

Food galore . . . but, the prize for beauty (and not to mention great taste) was this gorgeous French apple raisin pie. Just look at the art of that crust! I had to add this one to my folder of fabulous food photos.

After eating and partaking of a little wine, out came my easel. I attemped an 8 x 16" oil of Paul's orange barn. I am not sure that it is finished, but Ray had to get back to Cincinnati, and Martin and I had to pack for tomorrow's drive to Canada. It was perfect weather - again.

I am going to try and figure out how to post to the blog from Stratford. Until then, have a piece of pie!

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