Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More Door County

I was pleased to be asked back to compete in the 3rd Annual Door County Plein Air Festival. Wisconsin's Door County is a gorgeous place filled with art galleries, interesting jewelry shops and lots of wonderful people.

I should know, I was part of the inaugural event in 2007. Stayed with a wonderful couple, the Miller's. They couldn't have been nicer or better hosts.

Mr. Miller and I shared a common interest: growing a meadow. He'd been working on his for about three years, and it was a fabulous thing to see when I first arrived at their place.

The unfortunate part is not getting to spend more time with the family that opens their house to you. But, you have to have time to paint! So . . . you have to be out.

Last day of the festival was the Quick Draw Competition. On the waterfront, well anyway within hearing distance of the horn they blow. I found this wonderful little dinghy named Happy Day. I loved the high contrast of values and the patterns in the water. I had to paint it. 8 x 10", Oil on RayMar Panel. Sold at the live auction in the park. What an exciting time!

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