Friday, May 08, 2009

Jewelry #1

One thing that Cindy, Heidi and I had in common was a love of jewelry. It was fun to meet them in the evening and see what purchases they made at the Native American Market situated in the shade of the Palace of the Governors.

Interesting that they purchased from the same vendor whose wares I was attracted to. The vendors take only cash, and I didn't have enough with me to buy, but looking is always a pleasure. Blanket after blanket offered displays of colorful stones, silver, and what I wanted . . . a silver ring with an orange colored rectangular cut of spiny oyster shell. The band had 6 silver beads, three each on two sides of the "stone". These silver beads represented the six directions. Next time. Or when I get the name of the vender from the ladies.

I was able to purchase a very nice coral necklace, multistrand in a silver setting from Peggy Garcia from Santa Domingo Pueblo. She was setting up her wares in the hotel lobby one morning. I almost lost that necklace to another woman while cashing a check to pay for it, but I used all of my persuasive powers to get it back. Peggy wrapped the necklace and handed it to me saying, "Cherish it, cherish it."

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