Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Breakfast in Mumbai

Something else that is great here is that they serve some great things for breakfast. In addition to Indian specialties, they also serve one of Martin's favorites, Baked Bean on Toast. Of course with a bit of an Indian twist. As we heard from the mouth of one Indian, Indians always put their own spin on everything.
ABOVE: first morning, me drawing.

ABOVE: Parsi Omelette, Toast Butter Jam and a Malarone pill, for malaria! The omelette is yummy! The jam tastes like spreadable strawberry Jello. Top it all off with a Masala Chai, tea laced with spices and hot milk. We hold the sugar and add our own since the Indians make it SOOOO sweet.

Way better than Starbucks ever dreamed or made.

RIGHT: My handsome husband, easy traveler, Martin, also know as "Sherpa Extraordinaire". He dreamed of going to India long before I ever did. 2007 was his first trip, my second. Well, Martin had forgotten to bring a hat, so Ray loaned "the sherpa" the Ohio Plein Air Society golf cap. I'd recently given the cap to Ray, since it's always been too large for me.

Seemed funny to see Martin in a cap like that, but the sun in India is brutal on the eyes, even early in the AM. Too bright not to have a hat to shield a foreigner's eyes.

LEFT: Martin's Baked Beans on Toast. Looks like a rich sauce, maybe they added a little spice and parsley or coriander leaves ? I didn't taste them. I only know he ate them happily.

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