Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Painting on l"Ile de Re, France

Fourth of July on the l'Ile de Re, France
8" x 10" - Oil on RayMar Panel
Copyright 2006 DJ Dawson

In 2006, I traveled to France with three wonderful women.
One I had only just met, the other two I'd never met.
Those three had met and formed a friendship
during overseas workshops.

Susie, lives in Columbus.
We are physically 30 miles apart,
but we rarely see each other.
Meg lives in Chicago, and Margie, she lives in Georgia.
If Susie and I never see each other, well, you know that
Meg and Margie and I never see each other.
Still we managed a 2008 reunion, in Georgia - and
added two more women, Janet and Elle, who also met at workshops.
They are all fine artists, who work hard and produce wonderful works.

This photo of me, with blonde hair, was taken with my camera by
a French tourist who possessed some photographic abilities.
I am using my brand new EasyL 12" x 16" easel.
Minutes later a wind blew up and a tiny sticker from the nearby antique shop
flew into my easel. It said, "neuf 65 Euros" - meaning "new 65 Euros".
I stuck the price tag on the the bottom right corner as a keepsake.
It stills lives there as a fond memory of that trip.
The glue is getting worn out,
and the sticker may someday fly away
to enrich someone else's memories.

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