Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daily 90 3 & 4 - My Way!

Here's the math:
January 20
15 paintings behind - 2 paintings +
1 day of not painting
+ 1 afternoon of life drawing
- one new snow painting
- 1 painting from a live model
= 11 paintings behind on January 24
- haven't painted yet today
= possible 12 paintings behind tonight, January 25.

Whew! I am going to do this daily painting thing My Way.
Any art I do counts, it just might not be a painting, it could be a drawing or a print. BUT, if I can come up with 90 new paintings in less than 90 days, that would be a marvelous thing indeed.

Below the colors I mixed for the start my second new snow painting.
They don't look very exciting do they?

My surface: a panel by SourceTek - Classens landscape linen.
Notice the little pin holes in the surface of the priming!
I only saw noticed that when I downloaded this photo.

I was surprised to see how intense that blue looked against
the transparent iron oxide underpainting.

I decided to apply the other colors I'd pre-mixed since this blue looked pretty good to me on my palette. It did have more chroma than I wanted for the finished color, but I knew that this was the first go round. Next, I mixed titanium white with a touch of lemon yellow and placed it in the snow area to test the value of the sky. These two values had to have the correct relationship.

Below is what I was looking at, a field in Pataskala, Ohio. Most likely it will be gone to development soon. I sat in the back parking lot of a drive through liquor store to paint.

"Flurries, January" - 6" x 8" - Oil on Linen
This painting is just as colorful as it is subtle. It's been a challenge for me to try and get this image to look like the painting. This was the closest I could get, but I feel so far from the real thing, and who knows what it looks like on your screens?

Below: what was left and scrapped together at the end of my painting session.

And some closeups of 'the battlefield' of my painting.

A few hours later, I drove to Westerville to a 3-hour model session. I took my oils and had high hopes. I had a really good painting going, but should have stopped sooner. Yes there are some drawing issues here, but what really bothered me was that I had the masses so much better and stronger about 35 minutes before I decided that I was ruining this with every brush stroke, yet there wasn't time left to try and bring it back.
When will one ever learn?
"Daniel" 10 x 8" Oil on Museum Board

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Nancy Hawkins said...

Love your snow painting. Fresh and exciting.