Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Audio/Visual & Gastronomique Overload

Drinking a bowl of Cafe au Lait in Balzac's Coffee in Stratford, Ontario

Apple pancakes and Canadian bacon lovingly cooked by Jean
at the Looking Glass House B&B.

The latest version of the Yarka watercolor set, now marketed by Jack Richeson Company.
 I am not sure, but the colors themselves seem to be the same as
those in my older Yarka set. But you can see that the half pans
don't stay put in this new packaging. Frustrating.

Balzac's Cafe Latte (large size) and my sketchbook
always a work in progress!
A forbidden photo of the inside of the Festival Theatre.
I snuck this photo not long after we were seated for the performance of Twelfth Night. There were 1400 high school students at this sold out performance. They were a well behaved audience, and the applause at the end was thunderous. I am always amused by the sounds the kids make when there is an onstage kiss, or when at the end of this performance, Count Orsino tells Cesario (after it's revealed that Cesario is really Viola, a girl pretending to be a boy) that she will be his mistress. Elizabethan audiences would have known that Orsino meant she would be his wife, but the kids thought something different.

A glass case in the hallway held an exhibition on wig making.
It's always fun to walk through the halls of the theatre. On display there will routinely be designer sketches of the current season's costumes and sets. Mannequins will be wearing past costumes with photos of actors wearing that costume in a past performance. This year, I was happy to see a display case featuring wig making. I cannot imagine the patience and dedication it takes to be a wig maker. All those knots to tie!!!

A wig in progress.
A view of the net that the wig maker attaches the hair to.

My humble sketch, just a memory for my book.
We were a bit early for the performance, so while we waited I did a ball point pen contour drawing of the long wig, my favorite, since it looked so French, and later I added the watercolor later from memory.

I won't even go into dinner.


Steven S. Walker said...

You're just all over the place. It was good to see you last Sunday!

Sri Debi said...

Good to see you too Steven. As for all over the place, a moving target is hard to hit!

Rachel*Kaja said...

About the Yarka box - if you can search craig's list or ebay for old boxes they are great. If no - "glue dots" will do the trick :) I had the same problem with paint falling out :)