Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Exhibition at West Liberty University, WV

Fielding questions from the crowd. I had so much fun with the university students.
Last week was the opening of an exhibition of 45 of my plein air paintings at the Nutting Gallery, West Liberty University, WV.

West Liberty is 10 miles north of Wheeling. It's a very twisty-windy uppy-downy road, and I wouldn't want to make the trip at night. It was bad enough in the daytime with deer almost right out in the road in broad daylight.

I've included the link here to a bit of publicity on my show. My two day workshop has been filled and takes place at the end of this month. It's going to be a real mixed bag of students: 4 from the community, 4 professors, university 4 students.

Following the first day of the show, I will be giving a short lecture, just half an hour, showing some paintings and telling some plein air stories. On Sunday, I'm going to take part in the Oglebay Park Paintout. This paintout goes on for three days and culminates in a show and sale. This is not a competition, just a get together of artists, and I hope to have a great deal of fun throughout this time.

So a big thank you goes out to the West Libery University Art Department, and especially Robert Villamagna, for making this all happen.

Photo: Robert Villamangna. More photos on the Nutting Gallery's Facebook page.

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