Thursday, September 18, 2014

Re: Tango

Bonjour de Giverny.
The internet has been atrocious, hence the lack of communication.
The weather, superb!
I did have a serious bout of diarrhea at 2:45am, night before last. Sylvie had medicine, but I was drained 3/4 of the day yesterday.
I can't say my paintings are any good, but getting better, I think.
Last night we painted in Monet's Garden, and will do the same tonight. We go this AM to paint an old half timbered gate house on and across the Seine from Vernon, just 4 km from Giverny. Then lunch and a tour around Monet's gardens and house.
That's all for now. We move to a different B&B today, for an additional 3 nights in Giverny.
Photo shows all of us in front of the Mairie, the town hall, in Auvers-sur-Oise, on September 15.
P.S. Dinner the last two nights has been ice cream and a glass of wine. C'est parfait!

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