Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Little Gem

Titled "The Tent" 6x6" oil on streched canvas.
I'm entering this little gem into the Ohio Plein Air Society Winter Juried Exhibition in Columbus, OH.

I painted this in October 2006, on Jon Browning's Henney Farm in New Philadelphia, OH.

The tent made me think back to my daughter's wedding on the front lawn of my parents house in Maryland. We hung white paper Chinese lanterns in the trees and rented a yellow and white tent like this for the outdoor reception. The tent really made for a party feeling. At the paintout, I kept eyeballing the tent all weekend saying, "Someone should paint that tent." Finally, I could stand it no longer, and so I did!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the painting. I want a print of it. Maybe there is a title that has to do with Shakespeare and your daughter - since there is the wedding and she got an A in Shakespeare. It looks a little Medieval in this photo - like the knights just left the tent oe the revelers just left the tent. Perhaps a Midsummer Nights Dream..

Or, Per Chance to Dream.