Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Yin & Yang of Life

I woke up this morning, parted the curtains, and there was a full moon, oh so bright looking back at me. I didn't have my glasses on, and thought, "is that really the moon?" My daughter had called a couple of days ago to say there was a full moon, and I was not expecting to see it there this morning. It was 7:30am. I put on my glasses to see if it really was the moon.

The color was magnificent, a warm yellow against a deep blue sky. Nature at her best, and for a few moments I was quite visually excited!

But, just after Christmas, I saw my sister, in ruin. She is the victim of credit card fraud, forgery, and is about to loose her house. She knows who did this to her. Her son, and his new girlfriend. I spent three days helping her uncover and shed light on the truth of what had been happening to her from April until the end of November: $70,000 of credit card debt, a wiped out bank account, and no money left in her IRA. I returned to Ohio a little depressed.

So, right now, the world doesn't shine as brightly as it did. My sister will be 65 on January 5th. She has a long, hard road to walk in trying to salvage some semblance of what her life once was.
And then there was this mornings moon. Calling me back to the beauty of life. It didn't totally succeed, but it did get me dressed and with camera in hand, I drove two miles from my house where there are open fields. I parked the car on the roadside in front of a barn and some cows, and stayed with the moon until it set, taking it's picture.

This is the third January that I have done this. In 2005 there was a frosty, foggy moon - it was a cold winter, there was snow already on the ground, and we'd just had an ice storm; in 2006 the sky was bluer and clear; this year winter has so far been mild, and the sky was filled with pastel shades of pink and yellow. The setting moon was huge. Cows were having their breakfast at a feeder. Curiosity made one turn it's head to look at me.

It was a soft, glorious morning, and I just want to give thanks to Mother Nature for being there.

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jeannette said...

Wow, I was enjoying the beauty of your site, then read this terrible story. I was once told that the ugly iron is what creates the beauty in a stained glass window. The same with life, you need the dark to see the light. I hope your sister is doing OK.
BTW, I'd love to be added to your mailings for forthcoming trip, etc. thanks