Monday, April 05, 2010

Permanent Collection RAM

"Making Paper"
24" x 24", Oil on Panel
Copyright 2009
This painting was included in the "Encountering India and Bhutan" exhibition at the Richmond Art Museum. That exhibition closed on April 4th. Today I got a call saying that the Museum has purchased the painting for their permanent collection. A great honor for a painting that I love.
Thank you to the Board of Trustees and the Museum Director.


ray said...

This is a masterpiece painting! I loved it the minute I saw it. Also loved the Chorten in the snow picture. But I could look at this one all day. Congratulations!!!!

Sri Debi said...

Thanks Ray. When we were in Bhutan in the factory, I knew I wanted to paint this one, and I'm glad it wound up a square format. I appreciate your comments. Now to start a new studio painting! or two or three. It's so good to be home for a while.

raena said...

I can see why they would want to keep it for their permanent collection--It is beautiful! It reminds me of some wash houses I saw when traveling in Guatemala.