Thursday, September 01, 2011

Leetle Ricki, Bread, Olive Oil, and more

Leetle Ricki on his owner's head.
 Suzanne tutta panna is so-a sad-a tonight-a.
Her leettle Ricki is-a gone. And she is
a singing 'Arrividerci Roma'
when the truth of the matter is that
she would not-a let me make-a the turn-a for Roma. Not ever!
But-a she deed let me take her to her home-a town-a of Bastardo.

But day after tomorrow, we must make-a the turn-a to Roma.

Here-a below-a, I promise you the ricette for the authetico
delicacy d'Italia, avec des photos.
Now that is what I call multi-lingual. 
Hard as a rock bread from our neighbor!!!

And below the rest of the ingredients. 

Below is the bread sprinkled with H2O,
and soaked in lots of oliva olio.

Sprinkle with sale,
and add hot peppers at your own taste!

DRAT-SI (I make up my own Italiano)
I forget to get the ricette for the bread!

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