Thursday, September 01, 2011

Happy Anniversary and Castle

Me at the market on Tuesday morning. I saw this guy crossing the road, and he was so elegant that I said, "Buongiorno." He responded and I said to Susie that I'd love to have his photo. She encouraged me enough that I asked if he would pose for one photo with me. He was very accommodating and so here is my Italian fellow, 94 years old and looking great.

But not as great as my wonderful husband, who I am wishing a very Happy Anniversary. We have been married 21 years today, after a long distance courtship of nine years! I do hope that he took the day off as he has been working very hard, and don't forget, he survived the earthquake last week! I love you Martin!

Here in Italy, today we are heading north to Civitella Ranieri Castle. It was purchased by one of the Cornings, and has been a foundation for writers, artists and musicians for many years. Susie was invited to go here last year when she met the administrator who was ordering a dinner service from Ubaldo Grazie.
Take a look

The plan was to be there around 10am to paint, and then take an afternoon trip to Gubbio, east of the castle, and back at the castle for a presentation by one of their writer fellows and a glass of wine, possibily dinner there as well. Lunch has been thrown in there, so don't know, we let the day unfold as it comes.
Below, plums at the market. They reminded me of Manet and his plum paintings. He painted every color, and they always looked as good as the real thing.

I have a new, or old, Saint to delight you with, but I haven't downloaded those photos from yesterday's trip to the Bettona Museum. Maybe tonight.

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