Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's a lovely day in the neighborhood!

Thees eez my friend 'Suzanna tutta panna'.
Thees eez from a leettle Italian nursery rhyme and means creamy.
Luana at the fabbrica calls Susie thee-sa because of
her white skin and hair.

I have been making up a little story about my friend Suzanna.
She likes to cut-a the heads off of dee sunflowers with her knife-a!
She keeps dee chickens, and she dresses in dee clothes
of her dear departed Mother.

She is the talk of Umbria!
And in her spare time-a, paints dee pottery!
Dee maioliche.

Obviously, I have too much time on my hands tonight.

We went to Orvieto today.
When I download the photos I will tell you more about that.

We have-a new neighbors as of yesterday. They are traveling with a leettle bird, and I have-a to keep an eye on Suzanna to make-a sure she doesn't confiscate it, and turn it into a pattern at the fabricca! She says he ees a CUTIE, but I know she has dee ulterior motives for thees-a 'Ricky Bird'.

Our neighbors tonight have given us some bread that the wife has-a made. It is very hard roll-like bread! The husband tells us how to prepare thees Italian specialty. First you take this hard-a bread, and sprinkle a leettle, very leettle water on it. Next, you place the sliced pomdori on top. Add some olive oil, salt and some pepper, and voila! You eat it happily.
Suzanna tutta panna, would like to also add a little basil,
but no one has provided it yet today.

We have been lucky with people giving us food. Ubaldo has provided us with fresh tomatoes from his garden. Luana has given us fresh eggs from her chickens, and now this bread comes out of no where. The neighbors also insisted that we take some tomatoes that they brought from their garden, and they also offered some hot peppers, which I will particulary enjoy.

We will have this for breakfast tomorrow. I will make sure to take some photos of this.

Their little bird is a love bird. Its partner passed away, and the bird is now on the road on vacation with the family. My sister used to have a pair of love birds. The coloring in this Italian one is slightly more different, more yellow green, and pale pink cheeks, and a lovely turquoise, called celest - sky blue, on its back when it spreads its wings. The bird is called Ricky!
And he likes to sit on the head of Suzanna tutta panna.
So that is what is going on in our neighborhood.

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