Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OAC Riffe Gallery OPAS Exhibition Video & Italy!

Below is a link to an ArtZine video. It features Jane Black, speaking about the Ohio Plein Air Society Exhibition which she curated.

You'll see some of the artist's works, but sadly, not all of them. They did put one of my paintings in the video, it's a painting of a Maillot sculpture in the Columbus Museum of Art's Russell Page Garden. Size is 6 x 6", Oil on Gessoboard. It sold at the opening.

Interestingly enough, when I was painting in the garden that day, one of the caretakers told me that squirrels were eating away on that sculpture. You could see their little teeth marks in the metal! That surprised me as much as my host family telling me that a porcupine gnaws away at the treated lumber of their steps to get the salt out of the wood.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I am traveling to Italy tomorrow. My traveling companion is Susie Astleford, a great artist working in watersoluable oils. Susie is going to be working, again, at one of the potteries in Deruta, south of Perugia, so most of the time will be spend in the region of Umbria. We are half an hour from Assisi, and I plan on returning to see the Giotto murals that I saw in 1985, the last time I was in Italy!

I am going to try and blog from Italy, but you know, I will also be painting, so we can only hope. Arrevederci - the extent of my Italian.

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Dino Massaroni said...

You'll be very near Cortona. Don't miss it. The food in ANY Cortonese restaurant is excellent!