Monday, August 29, 2011

Catching up!


Here I am with the 'custodian'  of the church at the portal of the church in Torgiano that I wrote about yesterday. The folder in his arm is a family history of his two sons that are living in America. One son is a policeman in NYC, and the other is in the legislature in Buffalo, NY. He is showing me an envelop from one of them with the NY address and pointing out his address in Italy.

And here is the painting that I did.

Susie and I have decided to buy this place and make it our 'scuola' in Torgiano.

I am sure that the new atelier is
as old as this wonderful tree trunk!

And just down the street from 'wild boar pasta'!

Tired tonight. I had a full day of touring, eating, shopping, a little drinking, and of course getting lost on my return from Montefalco.

And to calm down, Susie and I cooked a great dinner,
and had some white wine from Cantina Tundernum.
Grecchetto di Todi
I read that this is now the rival of the Orvietto.

I think I bought it when we returned to Todi to get my sketchbook.

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