Monday, August 22, 2011

Italy: First Night Hotel

Here is my bed at the hotel San Lorenzo Tre, in Todi, Umbria.
First night:

The Rough Guide says this is the best bargain in town,
IF you don't mind lugging your suitcases up several flights of stairs.
Below is the first of the staircases.

Below is Susie's room.

She said I could have pick of the rooms and since I was going to be sleeping on her sofa in the next hotel for the remainder of the trip, I chose the big bed.

Both rooms were appointed with fine linens, interesting furniture and some nice art. I had etchings in my room, and she had some prints from England.
Below is my little sitting area where you can see the etchings lined up on the ledge.
Next is one of the many views from the rooftop.
There were nice lounge chairs and a table
but it was scorchingly hot, so after taking photos of pigeons
we skedaddled out of there . . .
Just off the rooftop was a drying area, and a small room to the right. That area reminded me of some that I have seen in India, rooms for the workers, where there is very little but a hard place to sleep. I wondered if that was where Neel, the very nice man that met us and took our luggage up all those steps was living.

Neel, was originally from Sri Lanka, but has been living in Italy for many, many years.
Sadly, I forgot to get his photo.
He was helpful in so very many ways,
but the most important to me, was in finding turpentine,
or in Italian, tremetina.
Here are some views of the common areas of this hotel,
which is housed on the primo secondo of a townhouse.

Our wonderful breakfast!
Some Italian trees, so you'll believe that I am really here!

And the impoirtant stuff, the stuff that life is made of
My first one.
This cup was shaped like a funnel getting smaller as you drank it down.
Maybe just a tablespoon of high test,
but strong enough to keep me awake until at least
11:00 PM on jetlag.

And of course,
graffiti!!! Banksy, eat your heart out!

I might have mentioned in the last blog entry that I lost my sketchbook!
Yikes, the same kind I lost in India, the coveted Molekin book: hardback black cover with  pocket in the back. Well, I traced my what's left of my memory to where I last had it, the ferramente (the hardware store), where I got the tremintina. It's been on an adventure since Saturday afternoon in Todi, but it was retrieved today after a day at the fabrica.

I realize I am way behind on blogging, but this is a huge responsibility. How can I possibly keep up when there is painting to do, and swimming - to keep up with the fitness plan, which also includes endless flights of steps at every turn.
Painting is hard to fit in, let alone blogging!

Next time, Derute, painting, the fabrica, and driving.

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