Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Painting Maioliche

So this turns into . . .

Quanto costa?
1,000 Euros
Let me introduce you to some of the ladies
that are doing the painting in the fabbrica.

Meet Laura.

She's works away without saying much,
but she is always singing along to the radio,
and especially loud when her favorite tunes come on.
Well, I surprised Laura this afternoon.
After pleasantly listening to her lovely voice for the past two and one half days in the 'decoratrici' - the decorating room - a song came on that I know and love.
It was an Italian version of "Missing You", by John Waite. Laura started to sing, and maybe becasue I was feeling particularly happy today, I just couldn't stop myself from joining her, only in English. The entire workroom stopped, and then burst into smiles and mild laughter. They loved it, and Laura was beaming! The song wasn't over, and she wanted to hear me again, in English.
"I ain't missing you at all (beat, beat), since you've been gone, (beat) away."

What a good time had. I hadn't sung in Italy since 1985 when I sang "All of Me' in a restaurant in Rome with a live band. But you know, I think today was more fun, and a wonderful way to connect with a woman whose talent I admire, whose language I can't speak!

The hand of Simonette.

She is putting the makers marks on the bottom of the cup
before she starts to paint it.

More tomorrow. I have to download my camera
to get the other ladies' photos for you.

Oh, one last thing. My husband Martin is working in Virginia.
I emailed to ask him if he felt the earthquake. He said, "Yes." He thought it was a crain hitting the side of the building he was working in, but it went on way too long for that. His co-worker laughingly said, "Earthquake," not realizing that it really way one!

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