Monday, August 11, 2014

Good morning, Montreal!!!

Guess what? You're in bed with me. Cosy isn't, just you and me. Martin went for coffee, Natalie is slowly coming back to this earth from her deep much needed sleep, and I am excited to get out on the street and speak some French.
What fun I had last evening speaking in that language!  No sooner did we pull up in the only small space in front of the hotel, a young man in uniform approached the car, and the trial by fire began. I rolled down the window and he spoke, "Bonjour, Madame!" Followed by a lightening speed bombardment of French. I was unfamiliar with his accent, but one word jumped out, "reservation". My brain is racing around, and when he finishes his question, I say , "Oui!" To my surprise. I also hear Martin saying "Oui" at the same time.
My ears and mind were now ready to hear French, and a good thing they were. The concierge sent out another barrage of instructions in French. I got the gist of it. Yeah! Good listening skills are what come of hanging out in classes with a native speaking teacher and advanced students who speak well. More later, got to hit the shower and go out into French speaking Montréal!!!!!!!! :)

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