Saturday, August 16, 2014

Montréal: history museum

Natalie and I were a bit reluctant to agree when Granddad suggested the museum housing info on Montreal's history. But, it was very interesting.
Photos here show Montréal's time capsule, with 20 boxes, each containing an item available in the year 2000. Objects for inclusion were suggested by the public, and were thought to be representative of, and importance to, this time. Natalie thinks a Brittany Spears CD will be one of the items. It's scheduled to be opening in 2100, so I'll never know. But, Natalie will be 101, and just has to wait 86 years!
The second photo is part of an earlier excavation of this site, and shows about 1/5th of the cemetery of the first white settlers. Somewhere around 38 people were found. One of the 38 died of natural causes. The rest died by Indian attack or accident, with one dying of an unknown cause.
Notice the wooden encased rectangle. It's the remains of a latrine, put in a couple of hundred years later, with no knowledge of the cemetery.
We enjoyed at least three hours here, looking at artifacts, a pirate exhibition and a special exhibition on Marco Polo, which included a short film made in the 1990's by two men from the Bronx, who recreated Marco Polo's journey. Sadly, that exhibition allowed no photos, so I made  a few drawings in my book.

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