Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Egg-acting work!

I'm sitting in the airport in Baltimore, MD, heading for one of the greatest art capitals of the world, Italy. That means that once again, I am blogging from my phone.

It also means that I can only share a couple photos at a time with each post. Here are two photos from October 25, pencil drawings on top of the two coats of clear gesso that I applied to the ostrich eggshell. I was sorry to loose the semi-gloss appearance and lovely color, but I thought I'd paint in oils and wanted the paint to have something to adhere to.

The graphite was greasy and smeared easily. I decided to go over the lines in archival brown marker. But, getting bored quickly with that, I just started painting, only not in oils. I used acrylics, knowing that I could go over those in oils later. You know, the best laid plans of mice and men.

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Veritable Top Austin Tow Truck said...

Whatever you used in your painting, it always turned out beautiful. You're such an artist. I hope you had a wonderful time in Italy.