Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Plein Air Convention, Part 3:

After viewing the Monet exhibition, I sat and enjoyed a rum raisin gelato. Susie, Dino, YUM!

The wonderful sunlight pulled me outside the door to view the pool area of Bellagio. It is quite lovely, complete with lots of ladies sunbathing. How? Not sure, as the wind is extremely strong, but not warm. In fact, it was only with the aid of two girls trying to get outside, that I got back in!

I've already met some convention participants at the exhibition. So now, time to drive to Red Rock Casino Resort and register. No events today, but I expect to meet the early arrivals, who should include my friend, Ray.

Sorry about no photos. I am taking them, but don't seem to be able to upload them here. Could be that cookies was turned off somehow, or that I need to make a Picassa account. Too much technology for me.

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Michelle Morris said...

Well, keep trying! We artists are visual and since I'm not there with you I love how you describe it. I can hear the dinging of slots and feel the wind, but I'd love to see some pictures! Especially as you all begin to paint. I admit, I am extremely jealous! Thanks for blogging!