Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Plein Air Convention, Part 1: Getting Here

whew! long day.

My flight to Phoenix didn't leave Columbus, OH until 5:35pm, but it was on time. My next flight was also on time, and I arrived at the Las Vegas airport at 9:30pm, right on time.

I picked up my rental car, by way of a shuttle bus to the 'Rental Car Center', where all the companies are housed in one building. Driving a compact Honda Civic, I think. I used my Motorola tablet as navigator to get me to the hotel/casino where I am staying.

This place used to be Fitzgerald's, and the sign still says that, but it's changed hands and is now called 'The D'. I am sitting at the bar, surrounded by sound. The sound of slots, crowds of people talking, laughing, squeals of delight at times, and all of that a sort of background rhythum for the loud piped in music with a driving beat.

The D is at 301 Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, the old section of town. I saw 'the strip' from the -plane window, and again when I drove by it on I-15. The Malabar, the Pyramid, New York, New York, Ceasars Palace and Bellagio, where I hope to see a Monet exhibition. You see, I am not into gambling. Good thing, as over the yeras I have at times found myself living in casinos, or being 'trapped' in one in St. Louis, Missouri with a friend that didn't want to leave.

I haven't tried my bed yet, but the hair dryer doesn't work.

And, I have never blogged from this tabet before and I can't seem to get it to load a photo from photos stored on here. size could be an issue???? so hang in there with me. Sounds a bit like India, right?

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