Saturday, March 24, 2012

Peninsula Art School Workshop

I'm pretty excited to be offered the opportunity
to teach a 3-day workshop at the Peninsula Art School
in Fish Creek, Wisconsin.
Workshop Dates: June 28 - 29, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM each day.

More information:Download the Peninsula School of Art's Summer/Fall 2012 Workshop Catalog.
Page 30:


Michelle Morris said...

I LOVE Door County! Haven't been there in years but I remember wanting to paint it! Perfect time of year too! Enjoy--

Antonin Passemard said...

Hello Sri,
I saw in a earlier post that you have a Yarka easel. Do you know where I could purchase one ? Or even buy one from you ?
Thank you very much !

Sri Debi said...

Michelle, it is a special place for sure!

Sri Debi said...

Antonin, nice to hear from you. I bouugh my first Yarka easel, made before the Soviet Union broke up, from Cheap Joe's on sale for $55.00. I still have that original easel. I lost a part on that easel at some point and went online to find a replacement. When I found that replacement, I also found that this company had the Yarka easel for sale, and 12 years later, it cost $5.00 less than my original. I bought a second one, made after the Soviet Union broke up, and the quality not the same. I left that second easel with a young Indian girl in New Delhi. She wanted to be an artist. I left her my paints and some brushes as well. I was going home and it was less to carry. I haven't done an online search to see if they are still for sale. Let me know if you find one.

Antonin Passemard said...

Thank you for sharing Sri
They do not sell it anymore :(
I would be interested to buy a broken one. Let me know.