Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Well, here it is,

It's certainly been a super Tuesday for me!

I had an early morning date with the treadmill; then off to the grocery to get some healthy food for dinner; next, cooked some soup and prepared for a shrimp stir-fry. I received two emails from my best friends and favorite artists, Edie Dean and Ray Hassard. Yes, yes, and yes!

Cantina Tudernum Grechetto di Todi, Umbria, Italy label  And I discovered a 1/2 bottle of Italian wine in my refrigerator from my August trip to Umbria, with yet another wonderful friend and artist, Susie Astleford.

THE WINE: by Cantina TUDERNUM, "Grechetto di Todi" DOC 2010. You may well remember my "wine posts from Italy" - the first "I".

Todi, in Umbria, was our first stop, and I discovered some great Italian wine at the local pizzeria!
You may recall, it's where they cut the pizza with scissors.
And where we saw the wonderful Raffaello exhibition.

 However, as much as I loved my trip to Italy, it's certainly been INDIA, the second "I",  that has consumed my thoughts of late. India. It gets into your blood, and insidiously has crept its way back into my conscious thoughts for several weeks now. Like an internal clock, it seems to happen every year at the same time.

Sherpa Martin carrying my easel and folio of canvases.
He's also wearing my backpack.

The stars and planets aligned last night, as Martin,
(my Sherpa husband - the man my artist friends all want)
flipped through Netflix on TV and found "Outsourced".

The story of an American account exec, who is sent to India to educate
his own replacement, in a call center in India.

This film, for me, was like "going home", as much of it is shot in Banganga Tank,
a favorite haunt of Hassard's and mine.
Taken in 2009, here is the small section of the tank that I focused on painting,
which also appears in Outsourced.
 This independent film was nominated for 17 awards, and won five.
I believe it's because this is definitely a good slice of authentic India,
mixed with romance and comedy.

It featured wonderful scenes of 'the tank',

the famous laundry,

and the labyrinth backstreets of Banganga Tank
on which we have walked, albeit, a little uncomfortably,

for fear of invading the private lives of those who have little, in economic terms.

Click here for a link to a trailer, with a sampling of the music in this movie which is truly wonderful. Just perusing the website for this film made makes me want to see it again.

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Barb Sailor said...

This was so interesting - you are so lucky to have visited India. Your pictures are so interesting - Thanks for sharing.