Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Just wanted to share

Photo from the 2011 Door County Plein Air Festival.
Frank Gardner and yours truly, at the Gala Opening.

While looking through several blogs this morning, I found a post from the blog of Frank Gardner. I discovered his work several years ago, and he just keeps growing! What I like about his work is that he paints with his heart, and with a great command of his medium. In person, he didn't disappoint: he was friendly, kind and had his ego in check. I was excited to have the opportunity to meet him last year in Door County. I was also happy that he won the Artists' Choice Award.

He didn't take the pretty route to painting. He stayed true to who he was, and painted what was interesting to him. For instance, during a painting event for collectors to meet artists, most artists were painting water lilies or flowers. Not Frank. He chose to paint an iron dog sculpture, and it was marvelous to see that he also hung that painting on the wall. In the photo above, you can just see that framed work, just above the barn painting with the Artists' Choice ribbon next to it.

 Here's a photo of a photo of Frank painting that dog.
So why talk about Frank? Because his work inspires me. And this morning, I found his December 30, 2011 blog post which talks about artists that inspire him. It's an enjoyable read and the accompanying photos of paintings are wonderful. When you have time, check it out, and enjoy.

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