Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plein Air Convention: Part 6

Left to Right: Jeremy Lipking, Debra Joyce Dawson, Alexey Steele,
Scott Christensen, Bridgette Turner, and Karen LaValley.

I put links to the rock star artists websites, in case you haven't seen them.
But if you haven't seen Alexey Steele before, heard him rant and rave about art, you should do a search on YouTube for him. He is one intense Artist!

I suppose I could have added the links to the 'gals' websites, too, but I am just trying to share a photo and to let you know that the girls in this photo were thrilled to get a photo with some of the 'rock stars' of art that were performing at this convention
This was most likely the third time I got my photo with Alexey that evening.
All cameramen aren't equal, but we appreciate those that are willing to try.
Alexey is truly the rock star. He knows how to dress,
he knows how to market, and he IS a HUGE personality. In fact, I feel totally comfortable saying
that he was the biggest personality at the convention. I love his look, and would give my right arm for the chance to try a portrait of him. Of course without that arm, I wouldn't be able to paint.
1st plein air convention & expo
Next year the convention will be in California.
I will be looking for roommates.

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