Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How to get an Indian Visa #1

Make sure you read online all the rules for applying for a visa, and follow directions carefully.

1. Find out which location you need to use.
Ohio falls under the jurisdiction of :
Indian Consulate in New York :

Indian Embassy in Washington DC :

2. What type of visa do you need?
There are many types of visas for entering India. A complete list is online at the above links. For our purposes we are applying for the tourist visa:
Tourist visas valid for six-month and one year (six months stay each time) are available. Ten-year Tourist visas permitting a stay of maximum of six-month on each visit are available to U.S. citizens who are frequent visitors to India. A person desirous of visiting India frequently but not intending to stay for more than six months at a time is advised to apply for this type of visa. Please note that it is not possible to extend your stay in India beyond 6 months if you are visiting India on this visa. For non-US nationals, who are permanent residents of US 5 year tourist visa with six months stay each visit is available.
COST $60.00 - for this type visa. Complete fee schedules for other types of visa are listed online.

3. Two (2) passport photos.
AAA can take the passport photos for you. For a member the price is $8.95.

4. Download the application form from the website.
You can get your visa same day if you go in person to the Embassy or Consulat for your jurisdiction; or, you may apply by mail but you must mail your passport.
Ray once lost his passport in the mail process. So we like to try and get to the window and do it in person if possible.
Form for those applying to the New York Consulat :
Form for applying at the Embassy in Washington DC :

5. Will the Embassy or Consulate be open the day you plan to go?
Indian National Holidays: (Check Embassy Holidays) A list of holidays during the year 2006 can be found at the above link. Dates may change at short notice. Please check with the Embassy by calling (202) 939-7000.

6. About the fees :
In person : In case the applications are deposited in person at the counter, visa fee can be paid in cash or by Cashier's Cheque/Certified Cheque or Money Order made payable to the Embassy of India, Washington (PERSONAL CHEQUES / CREDIT CARDS are not accepted)
By Mail : Personal Cheques/Credit Card/Cash are not accepted for Mailed-In applications.

For tourist info :
Government of India Tourist Office in New York is the ideal place for first hand tourism related information on India. The office is located at:
1270 Avenue of Americas Suite 1808 New York NY 10020
You can contact them at Tel: (212) 586-4901 or Fax (212) 582-3274 or send them an e-mail at ny@itonyc.com

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