Monday, November 13, 2006

Preparations for India

I will be traveling in India and the Kingdom of Bhutan from February 6th - March 6th. Four weeks on the road, and painting with a fine artist and great friend, Ray Hassard (pictured here working on a pastel on the beach in Mamalapuram, about a month after the tsnunami).

Ray and I travelled throughout South India for six weeks in January and February of 2005. We traveled mostly by bus with two overnight train rides, and just one internal flight. Since we carried everything on our backs, we traveled as light as we could: with little clothing and leaving most of the room in our packs for our easels and other necessary supplies. We painted as often as we could, returning with at least 30 paintings each. We cemented our already 18 month old friendship laughing, painting, and drinking in dark Indian bars from town to town. It was leisurely traveling. We had the luxury of time and a loose itinerary. India was always surprising to me. Just when I felt I'd seen everything, something new or bizarre would delight the eyes of this well-traveled Westerner and make me smile in amazement! It truely was the trip of a lifetime.

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