Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Muse for ED!

Posting this painting for ED who suggests naming Martin "Jules".

This "Garden Muse" overlooks an established but waning garden east of Newark, Ohio. I was painting with a friend. The first painting of the day was a good one, but a gust of wind took hold of my umbrella and over went the easel with the painting and the can of solvent. I righted my easel and watched the turp covered painting magically melting away. A pity: it was a good one; I needed paintings for my exhibition.

After a break to buy "white spirits", my friend and I returned to the same lovely garden. This garden goddess" had looked delicious bathed in a morning light, but would I like her as much in the afternoon? Yes, the aging muse wanted her picture painted. It was that moment in spring just before the buds would break on the trees. Sunny and warm for that time of March.

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