Monday, November 13, 2006

Name Game!

India preparations continued!

At left is a painting I did in January 2005, from our hotel rooftop in Mamallapurum. 6" x 8", oil on canvas, it is called "Dawn, Kumbakonam".

This will be my second time to India, and Ray's 5th. This time, my husband Martin (a British national) will be going with us. His job is to take photos! We couldn't let him go without a job! It's a working trip. Like Bob & Bing on the road with Dorothy Lamour, we will be going with glad hearts, looking forward to our upcoming and unknown adventures.

So what's in a name? "A lot of fun" when you've away in a strange place and can be anyone that you wish to be, instead of who you really are!

Last time Ray and I christened ourselves with Indian names which we still, at times, fondly call each other: Ray is "Hrundi" and I am "Sri Debi", so we have our names; but, we are currently looking for a good English nickname for Martin, who might wind up as Reggie or Geoffrey! We're not sure yet. Martin thought "Bertie" was a good one, but . . . Ray and I can't pronounce it with a proper English accent, so we figure this one is out for now.

Please leave me some comments if you have any thoughts about a name for Martin.
Also, if you are interested in receiving a weekly email from me while I am in India and Bhutan, let me know in a comment!


Anonymous said...

I would call Martin, Jules. Do you know the reference?

Fun Blog!


Sri Debi said...

Ed, Thanks for responding. No I don't know the reference to Jules, and neither does Martin. Clue us in!
Love the name of your blog. Some artist friends talk about that muse quite a lot. I will post my painting called, Garden Muse just for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sri,

Sorry things aren't going well with the visa. I hope it has been worked out.

I am calling Martin "Peachy." The part played by Michael Cain in The Man Who Would Be King.