Saturday, July 16, 2011

"The Door"

 My computer died suddenly when it ran out of battery power in Mojo Rosa's in Egg Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin. That was Friday afternoon, yesterday. Today is the first time I have had to get back to this blog since then.
I was writing to you from Mojo Rosa's Cantina and Pub
in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.
I arrived on the Door Peninsula at around 10:30am, Wisconsin time.

I stopped to take a few photos to share with you.
Wisconsin, home to . . .
spotted cows.
And the New Glarius Brewery
(which is far from Door County, but their great brews
with wacky names like Fat Squirrel, Moon Man, and of course my fav, Spotted Cow
are sold all over Wisconsin.)

Magnificent cherries!
Sour Montmorency Cherries,
the kind I used to pick with my sister for Granny to
make into pies. In the Door,
they sell pies, dry cherries, cherry granola,
and they also make a cherry flavored beer.

Colorful flags! and I hope - not promise -
to get a better photo of a flag with the sunlight coming through it.
These flags were very welcoming to me the first year I was here, and are often used as 'signposts' for someones driveway into deep woods. How else would one know where to turn?

I had to stop and take this sign, just because!
I did some of stopping . . .
but, I didn't buy one of these, or any of the other garden things that were at this interesting 'antique' shop.
Instead I went for the bling!! Rhinestone bracelets, colorful and gaudy enough for India, in the shapes of a skull, cobras, lizards and one that is really quite pretty. Pretty or not, put them in great light and they glitter to all get out. Look out Barbie Barbell!

Here is where my computer battery died.
I spent the evening with Larry Rudolech and Mary Ann Davis, artists and friends, both from Indiana. We had a wonderful fish dinner, and some Spotted Cow! After dinner, we drove around and around the peninsula scouting painting sites and taking photos. We then went back to the Countryside Cottages, where we were all staying. I posted the photo of my bed - an unfolding chair - really a thick foam piece that folded out to sleep on. Thank heavens I am trained in sleeping in horrible places. Some of you might remember the bed at the airport hotel in Mumbai, India that I wrote about in my Indian journal. In monsoon season, the mattress and the pillows were all soggy from the damp, made this foam rubber seem like a king's bed. So no complaints from me on last night's bed.

I completed two paintings today. The photos need to be downloaded, hopefully tomorrow, but the event starts in earnest tomorrow, when we get our panels stamped at 1pm.

Larry had problems with his brakes today, and had to rent a car. Mary Ann lost her glasses, but . . . they were found in my car. Me, so far, I am doing well, and having a great time.
Met Mark Hanson in the coffee shop in Fish Creek this morning and had a nice time chatting with him. Later we talked to Kami Polzin, and then ran into two artists that Martin and I met in the Adirondacks. So 'the gang' is gathering, and I hope to just have a ton of fun this week.

The moon tonight was stunning. I'd just put my easel away when it started to rise over the lake. It was large and red, like a sunrise or sunset. Unfortunately there was a cloud cover so you could see a piece of it. Later driving back to my very nice cottage, it was in full view high in the sky and lighting up some clouds. Just gorgeous. I was sorry I hadn't stayed to paint it from the spot where I saw it rise, but it was getting late, and it is pitch dark here. My phone GPS doesn't work here, and finding your way around in the dark takes all your attention you can give it.

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