Friday, July 22, 2011

He Ram from Door County

Our painting flag and name badges on the beach in Ephraim.

Listening to He Ram He Ram sung by Anuradha Paudwal and chilling out!
There is time for one more painting this morning before turning in all the paintings for the festival by noon. But, I am framing and touching up paintings. It's been an intense four days for painting, made more intense by the heat factor. Record high heat in the high 80's and low 90's, and HUMIDITY!

We had a couple storms, but honestly, the weather has been great. It had the decency to rain only at night while we were sleeping. If you could get it, wind off the water was a great thing.

The front seat of my car.
Last night I was required to paint in the park in Egg Harbor. I had had it with boats, water, scenes, etc., etc., so I painted people. I was going to paint a yello jeep in front of a blue wall with orange day lillies in front, and started to set up, but suddenly said, "Stop, that jeep will move in the middle of your painting."

I asked several people whose attire I was excited by if they wanted it sit, but they alll turned me down, so I looked around for something that took my fancy. Finally! I red baseball cap in the sun! What a thrill. A couple were sitting listening to the concert in the park. They were sitting in blue and white striped canvas chairs. Sunlight and shade on grass, what could be better, with a sunset behind them. That was my subject.

The back of my Prius!

Of course, after the man finished his hotdog, and they found an opening, they moved. But I had the drawing down and had painted the hat and some other things to set the light and did the rest from memory.

Later they came by and saw the painting. They Lionel and Judy. I loved the names, and that is what I'll call the painting. Everyone loved the painting. I think it's a bit crude, but hey, not bad for them sitting there 15 minutes with people stopping and standing in front of them.

So now back to the framing and tweaking of the paintings.

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