Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunset, Door County

Good Morning from Door County.
We got out canvases stamped on Sunday at 2PM.
I started painting here on Saturday. Below is the start and finish of the first painting I did at The Door.
It's not eligible to hang on the wall, since this isn't stamped. I started out small, just 6" x 6", since I hadn't painted in three days. I worked beside Mary Ann Davis, my roomie from 2009.
Just a place we glanced off the side of a road.

Under painting is in Transparent Red Oxide.
That has been my tone for a couple months now.
In the past I have used Cad Red Light or Quinacridone Rose to tone a panel, but for some reason, right now, I am using the Oxide Red. It's very similar to Burnt Sienna, but maybe more transparent.
Below is the finished painting.

And a photo of me with the painting and the scene.

This is day three of four days of painting. Everything has to be on the wall by Noon on Friday. We HAVE to have four paintings on the wall for the Gala Opening, and we were required to have at least one on the wall by Tuesday, 5PM.
Doesn't sound too hard, does it?
The heat has been tremendous and also the humidity.
Trying to stay hydrated and remember to eat!
I painted a cracker of a painting of an old boat the morning before we got stamped, but that painting also doesn't count for this festival. I will post it next time I post.
After we got stamped, I did TWO DOGS in a row.
Had to get it out of my system and calm down.
So on Monday, I started to paint more sanely.
Yikes, day three, got to go out and hit it all over again.
We have had two kicker storms here, and some rain, just to keep that humidity up, but you just grin and bear it, answer questions from the public, and first and foremost, you just keep painting, even if you think you just can't do another one.
Myself, I was feeling guilty after 8 hours of painting for not painting a night scene.
Several artists were on the streets of Fish Creek last night.
I should have been out there.
But it was a real pleaasure to watch Colin Page & Frank Garden.
Gotta got paint!
Oh, and one last thing, my new Prius was hit by an old guy who backed a boat trailer into it! And I lost one set of car keys! Yes, this is what can happen at a Plein Air Festival!

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