Friday, July 15, 2011

On the Way to Door County

Good Morning, no photo this time since I am using the hotel computer. I was too tired last night to power mine up and download a few photos that I took on my drive from Pataskala, Ohio to Racine, Wisconsin.

I listened to National Public Radio the entire way. It was an interesting trip, and I sure can understand why a certain faction of the American Public would want to take away funding from this venue! Just imagine exposing me, or worse yet, YOU - I know that you are delicate - to interviews like the one I heard with a software developer who is working on a contact lens with electronic sensors in it that allows you to look at something and send info to your I-Phone from that contact lens! WOW! 'Dr. Who' kind of stuff! The developers  think, as well as helping us, that this contact lens will become useful for Law Enforcement when they stop someone and need some immediate identification of the person they have at hand.

Then there was the story of a man who is OLD - how old, I don't know - but American Treasure age, and a pioneer sound guy. I was pumping gas, so I didn't hear his name either. He has worked on high-end productions for with Presidents, space projects, movies, TV, radio, things that we have heard of and never think about. His story started with him talking about his deceased granddaughter. He had taken "sound bites" from recordings he made from the second she was born - her first cry - and continued to record her voice and conversations with her from ages 'first cry to age 14' - when she passed away. It was never said how she died, and I am still wondering about that. But he liken this project to a a photo montage, only with sound. He always had a microphone suspended over her crib to record sounds as she woke up! They played the entire thing and it was marvelous.

Along the way I passed signs saying:
Jesus is the way.


Come to Jesus.

Then I came to the most marvelous of sites, a wind farm! I've seen wind turbines before, but never this many, and they were gently turning in the breeze of a wonderful day. It's a wonder I didn't kill myself trying to see watch them, and still stay in my lane with traffic whizzing by at 80 mph.

Well, I would write more, but an elderly lady with coffee in one hand and a plate of toast on it in the other, just came to ask how long I would be here. She looks dangerous, so I told her I'd be here no longer than 15 minutes. I said she could come and kick me if I was, but I am reminded of how long I waited in Cancun trying to get one of the six computers away from the six teenagers that were playing games and Facebooking their friends.

So, I bid you farewell for now, and continue my drive to Fish Creek, Wisconsin his morning. I hope to get in a painting or two today, and meet up with Mary Ann Davis, my old roommate from 2009. I am sleeping on a fold down, or reclining chair in her room tonight. Will make the Super 8 look good, I expect. The things we do for art.

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