Monday, February 25, 2013

Just Sold!

"Late Summer Urn" • 8" x 6"
Oil on RayMar Featherweight Panel with Smooth Canvas
Here's an alla prima painting I did last September in Oglebay, WV. I taught a plein air workshop during their annual plein air event, and the next day enjoyed meeting many new artists, and painting alongside a few of my students. It was a glorious day, and I was surrounded by an early autumn landscape of rolling terrain, but this was the subject that was talking to me. I liked the movement in the plants and the strong light and shadow, and of course the reds. I used one brush and my favorite palette knife to mix and apply my usual prismatic palette.

The support for this painting is a RayMar panel. RayMar is a great company, but I don't often get my best paintings on their panels. So why do I keep buying them? Usually it becomes an issue of time management, but there is a certain stubbornness on my part to learn how to paint on their surfaces. This sounds a bit crazy, I know.

A couple years ago, RayMar started making their 'featherweight panels'. This surface is their 'smooth cotton'. But this smooth cotton feels smoother to my palette knife than the same smooth cotton on the regular weight panel. These featherweights are great for traveling: 2 regular weight panels = the thickness of 4 featherweight panels! More panels take up less space!!! You gotta love that.

I enjoyed chatting with the public while I worked on this painting, but not as much as I enjoyed  my conversation with a gentleman from Texas as we figured out how to get this painting to his lovely lady as a surprise Valentine's Day gift!

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Nancy Hawkins said...

This painting is breathtaking, Debra. The buyer has a real treasure.