Saturday, February 16, 2013

Richard III and an Apology

Richard III's skull
Skull of Richard III
I offer you an apology. My last post, poorly written and filled with errors, was published by accident before I was finished writing and editing. Click here for a link to more photos of his skeleton.

The earliest surviving portrait of Richard III in Leicester Cathedral
Portrait of Richard III
There are so many things stimulating and exciting my brain right now: all of the images that are painted in words in "The Great Upheaval", the meteor that hit Russia, my husband who is just home from a month in Chile and four earthquakes, the book Van Gogh in Arles that I am reading, French lessons, exercise, model session, and now a bad knee gone worse - since yesterday's training session. I plan on calming down tonight, with a glass of wine at a soirée at the home of one of the members of the Alliance Française de Columbus.

I know that you like photos, and since most of your are artists, I just had to post Richard's skull. Most of you are artists, right? Can't go wrong with a skull, it's anatomy. And a painting of the king so you can try and compare the skull to the artist's portrayal of the man. Next time, two paintings I did at the Monday night model session.

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