Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sophie Knee Exhibition

Here's the invitation that showed up in my mailbox two weeks ago.
Don't miss this opportunity to view
the 2013 Solo Exhibition of
Sophie J. Knee!!!

March 1 - 31, 201
Opening Reception:March 1, 6:oo PM - 9:00 PM

Sharon Weiss Gallery
20 Lincoln Street
in the Short North of Columbus, OH

Three of Sophie's monoprints grace the walls of my home:
a black and white bunny, two fish, and a large heron.
This English born artist has the ability to capture the essence of animals in a sublimely subtle but powerful way. Her working method, thought seemingly simple, is really well thought out and complex. She works for hours on one surface to get one print. Ms. Knee is master of her craft, and of the use of line and shape.

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