Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adirondack Adventure: day 2

Up at 5:21am this morning. We have decided to not go to The Vic Center this morning. Both painting groups are going there. Then they break up and one group is going to High Falls Park. I didn't go to this spot last year because every time a waterfall was mentioned, slipping and falling and blood was mentioned. However, last night we made a plan to go to Osgood pond and then to the falls and spend most of the day there.

The photo shows me wearing the bug net that was in our tote bag.

At the raffle last night . . . my roommates and I . . . all won prizes. First Susie: a travel watercolor set, brush and pens and a little case. Next, I won a set of 6 brushes by Rosemary's Brushes (estimated value $100) ! Then Margie won a large wooden palette.


Edie Dean said...

Lovely netting.

Edie Dean said...

Well I had been looking to buy some of those brushes. You'll have to tell how they are. Hope you are having fun!