Thursday, June 21, 2012

High Falls

This photo is taken indoors, and the light is yellowish, so this painting, even in limited color range doesn't show the gorgeous subtlety of colors. But all I can say is, I painted this just after falling, and it was my reward.

We came back from the falls tired and late, had showers and went to the cafeteria for dinner. We all went to the bar. I'd been taking Aleve for pain, but I thought some alcohol could help as well. It was quiet at first and I sat talking to Roger Rossi, on the Board of the Salmagundi Club.

In walked Rick Wilson, from Indiana, and the night turned into a sing-song. A great deal of fun, and excellent prelude to Ireland.

I hope that the photo posts vertically. Enjoy, this is a special painting!

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Michelle Morris said...

It is lovely, Debra, just lovely. You should fall more often?? No, seriously, I love it, and the light on it. Loved the post where you photographed the falls behind. Keep posting!