Friday, June 29, 2012

High Falls

Posing for a photo just after I finished painting.
When Margie, Susie and I arrived at the bottom of the steps, Margie decided to paint in the deep shade, which later became a problem for her, as she couldn't see her colors. Susie had an umbrella, I had a broken one, and after just falling, it was hard to bend to get my equipment out of the bag at my feet. I didn't have the fortitude or time to fool with it, and thought I might just hold it, but once into the painting, I forgot and it lay beside me, half open, the whole time.

Finally the other painters descended on this spot, and Eric Rhoads said, "Your sitting in the bright sun." He was right, but it didn't seem to matter. Marilyn sat beside me on the bench and Jill sat on the platform, and is taking this photo of me.

I have just downloaded my camera of photos from the Adirondacks last week. Most everything shot at 5M, whew!

My painting sitting on the easel at High Falls last week.

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