Monday, July 09, 2012

Water lily day.

I am back at Stratford, Ontario, this time with my granddaughter, Natalie.

She is doing a 5-day acting camp, and I am using this time to paint. She meets her class in front of the festival theatre each morning, and once they were gone, I walked around the gardens to see if there was something that interested me.

I decided to sit on the bench and paint the water lily pond. Those of you that know me and my work, know that I rarely paint flowers of any kind, same goes with gardens. But, I told my husband that I might paint the gardens, and this just seemed so convenient.

I decided to use one of the Rosemary brushes I'd won in the Adirondacks. An Ivory, synthetic, flat about #2? 1/4" wide. And a homemade panel, acrylic primed 8-ply museum board. Had a nice feel to it, and I think I like this brush. Susie, don't choke.  Since I figured this painting was just me 'attempting flowers', I had nothing to lose.

I met the gardeners. The head 'honchette' was very nice, and she checked on me and my painting a few times. I took a break for lunch, but had made up my mind to just stay here until Natalie finished at 4 pm. I wanted to do a close up painting of the yellow lilies. I just might stay here through Friday and see if I can figure it out.

For those that think painting flowers is a breeze, well, not for me. Still, I enjoyed my time today. And, my new Best Brella showed up on Friday and it works so well, and changes angles so easily that, so far, I am rating this umbrella an A+.

Natalie was worn out, and is napping for an hour now. The weather here is fine and gorgeous! And, I am thinking of waking her for dinner.

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