Friday, July 27, 2012

Ireland: castle in Athy

We made a stop in this town for several reasons. As we drove through the town of Athy, I was oohhing and ahhhing over an art supply store, wonderful cake shop window, and then this 14th century castle.

Martin got some money, while I took my photos, and then lunch. Tea for two (served with 4 small chocolate chip cookies), and we split a pannini sandwich. Yummy! When Martin went to pay, he asked about the muffins on the counter. I said "sure", and the vendeurse said 'gooseberry' and I yelled out, "Go no further". Served with fresh whipped cream. Edie, had to get this for you!


Edie Dean said...

Well is that goozzzeberries? Is that how Martin says it. I did chuckle and hope it was wonderful!

Paul Dawson said...

had a great weekend in Athy many years ago when working in The Emerald Isle. Went with a bloke who's family seemed to own half the town, including the Hotel.